Episode 97 Flame and Fortune with Rick Bucher

Years of fast paced adventures, motor, road and mountain bike racing, rock climbing, and the everyday stress of climbing in and out of fire trucks and running calls takes a toll. Sometimes this is an obvious injury, a crashed bike leading to a broken ankle, a fused spine, or any number of orthopedic maladies that trouble Firefighters. Just as often, though, we can sustain injuries that go unseen, the result of managing innumerable emergencies and carrying unresolved grief, leaving trauma and scars that are hidden from the naked eye. These insidious injuries can be as devastating, or worse, to one’s health and career. 


Rick Bucher, has been down this road and on Ep.97 we discuss his experience with all of the seen and unseen trauma as well as his mental illness and the suicide attempt that got him on the road to recovery. Rick’s story is hard to hear, but it is important that we listen and work to recognize the signs of mental health issues. If we say “I got your back!” It has to mean that I know what I am looking for and I am not afraid to advocate for your life. Take a listen.  


A little more about our guest…


Rick Bucher had a normal enough childhood, but his life has been extraordinary since.  An adventure sports athlete, racer, and instructor, Rick served as a firefighter/paramedic in Scottsdale, Arizona for 27 years.  After narrowly surviving a rock-climbing accident, motorcycle wreck and a suicide attempt, he went on to receive treatment for PTSD and is now working to increase awareness of mental health issues in the public safety arena.  He also went on to find his biological family after decades of unanswered questions about who he was and where he came from.  Eliminating the stigma of stepping forward for help and providing support for those who do is his new passion and he tours the country following opportunities to share his story, speaking to groups and spreading a message of hope, resilience and unity in the face of trauma.  His story is a remarkable tale of redemption and a reminder of the power of the human spirit.


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