Episode 93 Firstgevity w/ Paige Arnone

Running from her childhood trauma by diving from planes, Paige Arnone, is a fascinating person. Her journey led her to the yoga mat where she found physical wellness and a path to mental health as well. In episode 93 we discuss all these things and so much more, enjoy! 

A little more about today’s guest: 

Paige Arnone Founder, Firstgevity AZPOST CERTIFIED & E-RYT 500 With years of experience working directly with first responders, Paige Arnone, founder of Firstgevity, knows firsthand the unique challenges these brave individuals face and the toll it can take on their mental and physical health. 

Her journey with yoga began when she struggled with debilitating anxiety and panic attacks from childhood traumas. Yoga taught her how to take back control of her life, and it has since become her mission to give back to those who have always protected her. 

Paige's ultimate goal is to support the development of a new generation of first responders who are physically healthy and mentally strong, able to easily handle challenging conditions. Paige's passion and dedication to helping first responders thrive and creating a stronger and more resilient community for all are at the heart of Firstgevity's mission. 


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