Ep 98 I don't have all the answers with Tammy Cifra

With just under 20 year on the job Tammy Cifra has reached the breakover point where she has now spent more than half of her life on the job. Many would argue that she has given her due, but not Cifra, she is full steam ahead, now serving in her “dream job” as the lead Recruit Training Officer for the Glendale Public Safety Regional Training Center. She joins us on episode 98 as she recovered between academy classes, we talked about her career, her love for travel and so much more, please enjoy!


A little more about our guest…



Tammy Cifra is a Captain for the City of Glendale Fire Department in Arizona. She started on the job in 2004 with her dream department and hasn’t looked back. She is a nationally registered paramedic, hazardous material technician as well as a technical rescue technician. She is Fire Instructor 1 &2 certified and has taught Zero Impact Period at Arizona State Fire School for the past 3 years. She is part of a local cadre consisting of members of different fire departments from across the valley that focus on techniques and skills related to proper line selection, hose deployment, forcible entry, and water application. She served as a Recruit Training Officer at the academy for 3 classes and is now currently the Lead Recruit Training Officer for the Glendale Regional Public Safety Training Center.


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