Episode 90, Broken Crayons, w/ Carlos Aviles

I truly love hearing about other people’s journeys as it provides such valuable insight. It provides important perspective as we all struggle with something and realizing that you are not alone, it all becomes just a little more tolerable. 

I really appreciate today’s guest, Fire Chief Carlos Aviles, who honestly and vulnerably shared his story. We discussed the growth he gained through adversity, Aviles’ time in the Army reserve, his pathway into the fire service and finally into the office of Fire Chief.  

Aviles wife once told him that “broken crayons still color”. This is advice that we all need to hear from time to time. Please enjoy this episode!

A little more about our guest…

Chief Carlos Aviles is a 22-year Army Veteran with combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and an 18-year career firefighter. In 2004 after an initial 16-month deployment to Iraq, he pursued a career in the fire service and in 2005 was hired by the St. Augustine Fire Department. He is still an active reservist with the US Army Reserve as a Senior Advisor to the 418th MP Detachment. 

In 2016, he was appointed Fire Chief for the City of St. Augustine where he still serves today, Chief Aviles also serves as the City’s Emergency Management Coordinator.
He is on the Florida Fire Chiefs’ Board of Directors, the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation Board of Directors, and currently chairs the state of Florida’s Firefighter Standards and Employment Council as well as the Florida Fire and Emergency Incident Information System Technical Advisory Panel.

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