Episode 89 RLTW w/ Matt Shields

Sometimes when you meet a person you sense a little something that sets them apart from the gen pop. The way they carry, or present, themselves - maybe an uncommon sense of comfort in a room full of senior members, the assortment of military tattoos unashamedly inking across the forearms, the dogged determination demonstrated every time they are presented with opposition. Finding all these uncommon virtues in one person is rare for sure. Add to that a humble and quiet professionalism you find yourself talking to Captain Matt Shields. 

I have known Shields for many years and yet it wasn’t until we sat down to record a podcast that I began to truly appreciate Shields and how he became such a competent and hard charging individual. In episode 89 we discussed his upbringing in the northeast valley, his journey into the ARMY ranger regiment and the fire service. We discuss all this and so much more, enjoy! 

 HOOAH! Now… go get some! 

 A little more about our guest… 

 Matt Shields was born and raised in Cave Creek, Az. He is married with 4 daughters and lives just north of the valley on a couple of acres. Matt is currently a Captain Paramedic with the Phoenix Fire Department assigned to Engine 960 B-Shift. Matt assists the department with the development and instruction related to Engine Operations, Violent Incidents, and EMS. Prior to his time with the Phoenix Fire, Matt served four years in the Army from 2003-2008. He passed the Ranger Indoctrination Process and was selected to 1st Ranger Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment as an airborne infantryman. Matt completed four combat deployments, two to Afghanistan and two to Iraq, were he performed a wide range of duties including- Direct action raids, Combat search and rescue, Site exploitation, and various other jobs.


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