Episode 91, Dr./Chief Kane Nixon

 In the business of firefighting injury is a real concern and can befall us at any time. Often, injury will change the direction of our lives, stop us from running, make us more cautious when lifting or cause us to focus, strengthening and shoring up areas of weakness. It can alter our path in ways we may never consider, opening doors and changing our path forever.  


This is part of the story we discuss in Episode 91 in my sit-down with Deputy Chief Kane Nixon Ed.D.. In our chat Nixon shares his journey in the fire service, how an unexpected injury, and a cheeky physician, turned him toward education.  We discuss this and so much more, please enjoy!


A little more about our guest…


Dr. Kane Nixon Ed. D., M.Ed., NRP, TLO

Dr. Kane Nixon is a thought leader who helps public and private industry leaders improve their work cultures by building resilience in their employees. Kane travels around Arizona and the United States, speaking about ethics, leadership, and wellness. Kane is the Deputy Chief of Logistics & Planning for the Arizona Fire and Medical Authority, where he oversees Support Services, Planning, Technical Services, and Emergency Management. Kane has been in the fire service since 2001. Kane is a Nationally Registered Paramedic, Health and Safety Officer, Threat Liaison Officer, and served in multiple officer roles with IAFF Local 3573. Kane has extensive experience in not-for-profit management, serving as the founder and President of the North County Firefighters’ Charities for five years and the Arizona State Director for the Firefighter Cancer Support Network. Kane holds three Associates Degrees, a Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency Management and Public Administration, and a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology, both from Northern Arizona University. In 2021, Kane defended his Dissertation titled Arizona Chief Fire Officers’ Opinions Regarding Firefighter Behavioral Health Problems: Causes and Help Approaches, conferring a Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership. Kane continues his mission to progress the fire service forward with his passion for firefighter wellness through research, writing, and speaking on the topics of firefighter fitness, cancer, and behavioral health.

Kane is the Chairman of the Scholars Group Panel for the Science Alliance. The Scholars Group provides opportunities for networking, mentorship, and contributions to the body of literature with the aim of investigating and promoting evidence-informed first responder research. Kane is Adjunct Faculty and the Director of Firefighter Fitness and Conditioning at Glendale Community College, holding several certifications, including Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Corrective Exercise Specialist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Kane has a passion for serving others and does so as an Arizona State Advocate for the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Everyone Goes Home Program, District Representative for the Firefighter Cancer Support Network, and regularly volunteering at St. Mary’s Food Bank. Kane is happily married to his wife of eleven years and has two beautiful daughters, ages 10 and 16.


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