Strategic Decision Making Mini Series Parts 1 through 4 (added as they drop)

So often we discuss how we make time sensitive decisions in fast evolving emergency events. This applies clearly on the fireground where rapid and smart decisions can be the difference in rescue and fire suppression. Frankly, we are making critical decision in our lives all the times - the skill transcends the fireground.

Good fireground decision makers easily arrive at concrete plans and execute clearly and definitively! Years of experience and training lead to this capability. 

Strategic decision making is a skill and while experience is important it is also paramount that we are actively working to develop the practical skillset. 

In this mini series, Chris Stewart (FGF episode 5) and your host, Rayne Gray, spend 4 episodes unpacking the strategic decision making process. It may be surprising that a process that takes 10-20 seconds on the fireground can take 2 hours to dissect on the podcast. Maybe we are just long winded, but we thought it was important to discuss why strategic decision making is important, the component parts and how to execute when shit gets real. 

part 1: What is strategic decision making

part 2: Size Up

part 3: Risk Management and strategy

part 4: Incident action plan and deployment 


I hope you find this helpful and learn a thing or three!  





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