Episode 82, What up Dawg, with Ben Belleuvre

Fire station 25 is situated in one of the busy burrows on the west side of Phoenix. This multi-company house is very busy and the firefighters stationed there choose 25 for that very reason. 

A little over 19 years ago I rolled into 25 on assignment to complete my last probationary rotation and there I met today’s guest, Ben Belleuvre. Ben is a Firefighter in France and he came to Phoenix to learn the PFD way and study how we fight fire. He spent three months running calls on every rig at 25, every day, every hour. So, one day I took him home to give him a reprieve, we have been long time friends since. 

In episode 82 Ben and I talk about his experience at fire station 25, the differences and similarity between firefighters around the world and the important lessons learned about firefighter maydays. Further, Ben shared his own personal experience with trying to rescue a lost firefighter and the changes that his department made in the wake of losing a brother in a commercial firefight. We talk about all of this and so much more, I hope you enjoy!


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