Ep.55 EaseAlert, a Pre-alert for Your Health

 When I was young on the job there were many days that I would come home from my shift completely exhausted. Despite my battered and bedraggled state, I would attend to my young family. One such occasion I was “watching” the kids when Momma went out for a run. I had fallen asleep and the Disney movie that was holding their attention came to an end. My 3 year old, tightly gripping a sippy cup in one hand, peeled back my eyelid with the other and demanded a refill of his “juice”. Despite appearances, I am a good Dad, after all, no one was seriously hurt while under my supervision. But ask any kids whose parent is a firefighter how much fun it is when they come home smoked?

Being grumpy and exhausted are merely superficial issues that can be repaired in the short term. The deeper physiological and psychological concerns are the real trouble. Bodies and brains develop chronic issues after years of little to no sleep or being jolted from bed by a million-decibel alarm (I am exaggerating but that’s how it feels). So, what’s a firefighter to do?

Fortunately, there are young entrepreneurs who are considering the issues that plague our firefighters and are tinkering with ways to mitigate some of these concerns. In episode 55 we chat with Blake Richardson and Elezar Tonev about their company, EaseAlert, their collaboration with 2nd Alarm Project and their motives for working on firefighter health and wellness.  Tune in to hear the whole story and enjoy!




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