Ep. 56 Let It Go with David Rahman


Everyday I find myself learning new and interesting things about the world around us. For example, I just discovered that, globally, there are 4.3 babies born every second. As I pick up the pieces of my blown mind, I stumble over this hard-to-believe number of children.  While this enormous number of people coming into existence is shocking; I find myself considering the challenges that each of them will face in their individual lives.

Coincidentally, I’ve been reading, discussing, and learning more about what makes us each tick as individuals between the ears. In truth, discovering more about myself along the way. Seems that we are complex creatures, full of history, trauma and idiosyncrasies. We are wired to survive and also to adapt, grow and change. This is no easy task; it takes sincere work and the ability to be vulnerable and honest with ourselves. In episode 56 David Rahman and I discuss these very questions and concerns as we delve into 80’s rock, Football and his book “Let it Go, how to stop your past ruining your future.” This book is designed to help you work through this self-evaluation and work toward a healthier, stronger, more capable you.  Enjoy the episode and Check out David’s Book.



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