Ep. 53, Fire Interview with Brendon Trayner

Interviewing is one of the most stressful events that we face in our lives. Seriously, who enjoys sitting across from a person, or group of people, who’s decisions will impact the next phase of your life? This is not something that you trifle with! You must practice, prepare and show up with some juice! So, “what am I to do”, you wonder? Let me introduce you to Brendon Trayner, an accomplished Fire Captain, who has made a reputation helping firefighter candidates navigate the hiring process. Specifically helping folks deal with the crucial and daunting interview portion. In episode 53 we discuss the fire service, growing up with a Dad on the job and Trayner’s new book, Fire interview, the storyteller method. If you are in the hiring or promotional process you need to get your interviewing skills dialed in! I recommend that you read Traynor’s book and listen to this episode of the FGF podcast. I promise you will gain invaluable insight. Enjoy the episode and then GetSome!

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