Episode 52, Failure is not fatal, with Billy Burnett


Billy Burnett and I met a long while ago, becoming fast friends as we discussed our love of ultra-running, mt. biking and, well, all things back country! Yet, not until he and I sat down to record episode 52 of the FGF podcast did I find out that he grew up in Saudi Arabia. Then, as a stranger in a strange land, arrived in Wickenburg Arizona - Two worlds that could not be farther apart.

We discussed his wildland adventures and his eventual landing in the urban fire service. As well as his, challenges with motivation and weight gain, ultrarunning, of course, and his ultra-distance journey to becoming a company officer.

*Special Note* this episode was recorded a couple of months ago and Billy is now a full-fledged, badge wearing, card carrying, Fire Captain – Congrats Brother, well deserved.

Folks, enjoy this great episode!





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