Ep. 51 Create Your Own Light with Travis Howze

A U.S. Marine, former Police Officer, Firefighter, Comedian and Speaker, Travis Howze has accumulated a lifetime’s worth of interesting experiences which he shares in his book, Create Your Own Light. 

When Howze laid 9 of his brothers to rest after the devastating Sofa Super Store fire his career in the fire service came crashing down around him. PTSD crept in, eroding relationships, his sense of self and ultimately his will to stay in the fire service. He travelled the long road to healing, becoming a comic, starting a family and writing his story in hopes that you may learn a little, laugh a lot and find a way to “Create Your Own Light”. 

In episode 51 we discuss all the above and much more, enjoy! For more information on the Sofa Super Store fire please go check out the Niosh report linked below. We owe it to our fallen brothers to know and understand their story.  

https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/fire/reports/face200718.html __________________________________________________ 

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