4/11/10 Sunday

Warm Up!

Main Set: Self Testing
Levels 3, 2, & 1:
- 1 mile run (for time)
- Dead Lift 1 rep max

Train Hard!


Unknown said...


1 mile run@7:12:00
Max DL@375(PR)

Rayne Gray said...


Mile 6:45 (Not a PR, but I haven't run this fast in years, so, we'll call it a 39y/o PR ;-)

DL 460 (PR)

Filthy said...


Mile 7:00
DL 245
She's a bad mamma jamma!


Mile 7:26
DL 495 (attempted 505 but didn't feel like I would have kept my form...in other words, I got scared)

All the above are PR's because we've never tried them before. Fun workout!

Rayne Gray said...

D Lo!!!!!! What the Heck Bro! 1st time out on a dead Lift Max and you pull 495! That's just sick. AND Aimee, busting out 2& 1/2 bills! You two are the dynamic duo!

What are you guys eating over there?

Your mile times are fantastic also!
Keep up the great work!