3/31/10 Wednesday

Warm Up!

Main Set: Strength
- 20 rep Back Squat
- 5x5 Hand Stand Push Ups
- 5x5 Dead Lift

L2 and L1:
- 20 rep Back Squat
- 5x 30 seconds Hand Stand Holds
- 5x5 Dead Lift

Hand Stand Hold: Get up in a hand stand against a wall and hold the position for the stated time.
Train Hard!


Rayne Gray said...

I was not in the mood for HSP so I did presses instead.

BS 235
Press @ 135
DL - 0 - not feeling it. so I packed up and went for a bike ride instead :-)

Unknown said...

L2 and L1:

- 20 rep Back Squat (135 without stopping)
- 5x 30 seconds Hand Stand Holds
- 5x5 Dead Lift (305)

50lb bag/100lb tire pull 50 yards x 3 (Full turnouts/SCBA)

Filthy said...


BS 155
Hand stand push ups x3 and 30 sec hand stand hold x2
DL 205


BS 255
HSP x5
DL 365