Episode 85 Outlaw Strength with Eric McCormack

 My learning has always come with scars. It has never been easy or intuitive, rather it has always been by trial and error. I have come to understand that life teaches us many things and often it takes perspective, distance and time away from something before we truly grasp the lesson.

While talking with Eric McCormack, our guest on Episode 85, I realized that I am not alone in this understanding. He shared wisdom he has gathered during his journey, reminding us that life is hard and it is in these trials that we find learning, growth and joy. Often it takes people coming into our lives that illuminate a path, engendering a whole new view and sending us in a new direction.

This is how Eric landed in Phoenix and fully leaned into his mission to support the health and wellness of Public Safety “athletes”. In this episode we discuss all of this and so much more, enjoy!


A little more about our guest…

My name is Eric McCormack, but some of you may know me as Outlaw Strength.  From an early age physical fitness has been an important factor in my life. Now, with over 25 years experience in personal training and 13 years of law enforcement, I’m happy to be working with the Mountain Ops team @mtnops on their mission to improve the lives of individuals and families by giving them the tools to achieve their ultimate level of health and performance. 


I have developed a system over the last 25 years that gives people a clear path on how to truly improve their overall health—which is to live a long productive life. There is so much fog and darkness in our world and I want to bring some light that gives people the tools to start taking control of their temple and change the trajectory of the obesity epidemic our society is currently facing. I know if we work together we can bring balance into their lives with spiritual, mental and physical connection.


As a direct to consumer business, I will be aiding in content creation and empowering our customers, but never neglecting the opportunity to connect, face to face, with customers and as things being to ’normalize’, we hope to host classes, boot camps and build a brand experience that we’re proud to share with elite partners, athletes and whoever else the Lord puts in our path.


I have been blessed to have worked with Cameron Hanes @cameronrhanes for over the last decade and have built a name for myself in the fitness industry, however my mission is to reach millions—or possibly billions— and share my love and passion for health and fitness. The mission for Mtn Ops, aligns with my core values in what I truly believe is a winning strategy for us to find success in improving the quality of life of every person we come in contact with. 


Let’s get to work and Conquer More together.


Eric McCormack “Outlaw strength”


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