Episode 79, "Tik Tok you don't stop" with Ashley Losch

I have had the pleasure of chatting with our guest, Ashley Losch, a few times over the years and finally had the opportunity to get her on the podcast. In episode 79, Losch and I discuss a variety of things, including vulnerability. A topic most of us turn away from, Losch leaned in, sharing her thoughts on how it impacts our communication and capacity as a team. We got into her work as a PIO and the challenges and opportunities we face when we share the fun and funny side of our world. We discussed all this and so much more, enjoy!

Would you like to know more about our guest? 
Ashley tells us her story.

I grew up in Santa Monica California, graduated from Santa Monica High School and moved to Arizona to attend ASU in 1995. I grew up acting with a small theatre group and I loved being on stage. Acting gave me the opportunity to go to Japan and London to perform, all before I was14 years old. Once I moved to Arizona my acting days were over and I began focusing on what was ahead. 

After setting my sights on becoming a Firefighter I gave myself a year to get hired post college graduation or I was going to move back to California. I got hired with Glendale a year and 4 days later. I have been with Glendale for 21 years and am currently a Captain serving as the PIO. I have worked as the PIO since 2017 and with a Super Bowl on the horizon I don’t anticipate getting back to a truck any time soon. 

I have an incredible 17-year-old son who both amazes and confuses me every day. I am not sure where life is taking me, but I am trying to take the lessons I have learned from my past and apply them to my future. I have done a lot of self-reflection and therapy in the hopes that I can stay mentally strong through the inevitable challenges ahead. 

I hope to be a mentor, visionary, and trailblazer for Firefighters as I believe we have the greatest job in the world and I want everyone to stay healthy so they can enjoy it.

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