Episode 77 Behind the Mic with Jim Frazier

After 30 years behind the microphone in the Phoenix Regional Dispatch Center, Alarm Room Supervisor, Jim Frazier has a little something to say about public safety and how this job impacts us. Born into a public safety family, both Jim and his twin brother Joe followed suit and landed careers in the fire service. In episode 77 Frazier explains how challenging it can be to assist callers just using your words.  How learning to listen carefully is the quintessential skill set, when the difference between what is said and what is not, may separate life from death. The role of a public safety dispatcher is far more nuanced than one might expect, and Frazier’s experience reflects this complexity. 

Personally, my appreciation for the work that our dispatchers perform has grown exponentially over the years.  And today, more than ever, they receive my highest regard for the difficult and demanding work they perform behind the mic. Enjoy todays episode!

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