Episode 76, Joy in Firefighting with Chief Collin DeWitt

While discussing his 40 years in the fire service, Ret. Fire Chief Collin DeWitt, remarks, “men are that they may have joy.” After a lifetime of community service, dealing with trauma, drama, toil and trial, one might find it difficult to find joy. However, when you listen carefully to DeWitt you begin to realize that it’s all about perspective. In episode 76, DeWitt shares some of the challenges and changes he faced as he was coming up in the fire service and how he and his contemporaries overcame the difficulties, ultimately, finding satisfaction and joy. Please enjoy!

A little more about our guest…

1975 - Certified as one of the initial paramedics for the City of Phoenix
1983 - Paramedic of the Year Phoenix Fire Department
1985-2005 - Associate faculty at Phoenix college and ASU
1985 to 1999 - Served on the board of directors for the Arizona Emergency Medical Systems
1985 - Served on the Federal Integrated Committee of Emergency Medical Services in Washington DC to develop national ambulance standards
1985 to 1999 - Served on the National Fire Protection Association NFPA1001 committee for national fire fighter performance standards
1985 - Organized and implemented the first public emergency transportation system for the City of Phoenix Fire Department
1986 - Assisted the Arizona Sonora Border Foundation in training doctors in pre-hospital care
1989 - Certified as a hazardous materials technician
1992 - Assisted the Hope Foundation in Costa Rica to establish an emergency medical system
1992 - Assisted the Town Council in creating the Gilbert Fire Department
1993 - Became a Certified Public Manager
1999 - Assisted NATO in an International disaster drill in Kazakstan
1999 to 2013 - Oversaw the growth of the Gilbert Fire Department from 2 stations to 8 stations
2010 - As Town manager, coordinated the development and implementation of the Town's first strategic plan and managed a town wide reorganization.
2011 - Acquired and organized construction of the Town of Gilbert's 9/11 memorial
2011 - Received Mayoral Award for Excellent from the Town of Gilbert
2013 to 2015 - Served as Navajo County fire administrator to assist and reorganize fire districts within the county
2021 - Arizona State Fire Service Hall of Fame

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