Ep.45 The Firefighter Combat Challenge with Dr. Paul Davis


In Episode 45 we have the pleasure of hearing from the creator of the Firefighter Combat Challenge, Dr. Paul Davis. He is an amazing fellow who has made an outstanding contribution to the fire service. Enjoy the episode!

Here’s more about our guest:

Paul O. Davis, III, Ph.D., is the founder and president of the First Responder Institute. He is a graduate of the School of Public Health, University of Maryland and a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine.

Under contract to the Marine Corps, he embedded as a rifleman and conducted a five-year job task analysis of the critical and arduous tasks required for the MOS 0311 in high altitude, cold weather, desert, jungle and amphibious operations. Under contract to Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA), Dr. Davis developed physical performance standards for all uniformed personnel.

Dr. Davis was also a member of the Astronaut Rescue Team Initiative- a joint-USAF-NASA project to designed to increase survivability of a Space Shuttle launch mishap, created after the Challenger incident. For the Navy, he carried out a world-wide certification program for Command Fitness Coordinators.

For the Army, he wrote the first POI (program of instruction) for the Physical Fitness Academy at the Soldier Support Center.

He is the executive producer of several ESPN, Versus, A&E, CBS Sports and Discovery Channel productions including the Marine Corps Super Squad Challenge, Army Ranger Challenge, World SWAT Challenge and the Firefighter Combat Challenge®.

He has authored more than 200 treatises, articles and reports as well as two books- most recently: Hard Work: a guide for human resource managers, labor attorneys, and ergonomists- co-authored with Dr. Brian Sharkey.



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