Ep.33 Project Mayday with Don Abbott

You work in a space that has the potential to become IDLH, the very epitome of a hostile work environment! So, we take measures to mitigate this hazard. We conduct training, we study, we craft SOPs that illustrate command and control measures to keep us out of harms ways. None-the-less, there are times when things do not go as hoped, or as planned, and we find ourselves in deep trouble. So, we call a mayday. The disturbing thing is that these mayday events happen more frequently than you might imagine and for reasons that you might not believe.

Lucky for us Don Abbott has made it his mission to help us understand what is taking place during mayday events on the fireground. In Ep.33 we sat and discussed his nearly 50 years of work in the fire service and his current endeavor, Project Mayday. This project is a comprehensive and continuous of actual maydays. Abbott and his team have accumulated the fact, figures and audio from well over 6000 mayday events over the last 5 years.

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