Ep. 21 Career planning and so much more w/ Darrell B. Wiseman

Darrell Wiseman (DW) is an amazing dude. He dives in serious, deep, ocean waters, rivers rafts, travels the world and will let you know you're loved by teasing you relentlessly. He will also stand firm on important issues and be first to offer council and support.

When I invited him to come on the podcast I had a vision of us talking about his world travels and diving with huge ocean mammals. However, true to his character, DW wanted to talk about career planning! A final act of mentoring to his brother and sister firefighters as he retires from the profession. 

Never one to shine the light on himself, through out the episode 21 DW mentions many of his mentors and friends who have lead him throughout his career. We discuss the role of a technical safety officer, career progression, planning and goal setting and much more.

I hope you enjoy the episode!


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