7/10/10 Saturday

Warm Up!

Main Set:
Go for time!
L3: 100 sand bag slamz w/burpee

L2: 50 sand bag slamz w/burpee

L1: 25 sand bag slamz w/burpee

Train Hard!


Rayne Gray said...

L3: 19 min and change

John and I did this as a team, working opposite one another,using an 80lb SB.

While I was snatching and slamming he was doing a burpee and then he'd snatch and slam and I'd burpee.

It almost completely removed any rest, we might as well have been working independently.

Filthy said...

This one looks like fun...we need to get some sandbags!!!

Rayne Gray said...

Hey D-Lo, The bags are at 39's if you wanna give this session a go.