4/23/10 Friday

Warm up!

Main Set: Strength/Metabolic Endurance
L3: 1/2 mile Over Head walk 30-45lbs

L2: 1/4mi OHW 30-45lbs

L1: 200yards - 1/4mi OHW 20-30lbs

Over Head Walk: take a weight plate or an odd object (i.e., a small boulder) Hoist it over head and lock it out. Walk as quickly as possible the prescribed distance. No forward progress is allowed unless the load is over head. If you need to lower the weight to rest, ok, however, your forward progress stops until the load is overhead. For and extra challenge do this session on a hiking trail. keep your core tight and do not forget to breath. Have fun.

Train Hard!


Rayne Gray said...

L3: I did this during a short trail run, I found a large, flatish/egg shape boulder approx40 lbs and hoisted over head and started walking time to complete 1/2mi is unknown (no watch), however, I had to stop alot so I'm certain it took a LOOOONG time.

Anonymous said...

1/2 mile w 35lb bumper @12:40

Rayne Gray said...

Nice work Chuck!

Filthy said...

Aimee used a 35lb bumper for 1/4 mile and then went to 30lbs in plates...time 10:28

Dave 45lb plate...time 8:28