3/28/10 Sunday

Warm Up!

Main Set:
L3: 10 minute kettle bell snatch test

L2: 6 min KB snatch test

L1: 4 min KB snatch

Note: KB snatch test - Snatch the KB as many times as possible in the rx'd time, switch hands as needed

Train Hard!


Rayne Gray said...

L?: No serious training for me today... Went surfing for 3 hours.

I apologize to all my snow covered brethren - wish you were here!

Anonymous said...

12kg Kb
214 total

Surf's Up!

Filthy said...

Aimee used a 35lb KB for 180 (Stud!)

I used the 53lb KB for 180 also.

I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to 200, but I started having some issues with my left hand towards the end.

Rayne Gray said...

D-Lo, My hands have been a limiter for me many times. You'll nail it next time. Get a manicure, er, uh, I mean trim your calluses :-)