3/27/10 Saturday

Warm Up!

Main Set: Metcon

L3: 5 rnds for time
- 20 Kettle Bell Swings
- 10 Burpees

L2: 3 rnds for time
-20 KB swings
-10 burpees

L1: 3 rnds for time
- 10 kb swings
- 5 burpees

Train Hard!


Unknown said...

05:49 (1.5 pood)

Rayne Gray said...

L3:5:52 53lb KB

I'm out of town this weekend and did this session at sunrise in a local park - just a man and his kettle bell.

My last round was taxing, forcing some very primal and loud noises to erupt from deep with in me.

Question: If a man is alone in the park and he grunts does he actually make any sound?

Swings DONE, Burpees DONE, I collapsed to the ground and sat up after several minutes to find 3 ladies and their dogs standing and staring from about 50 yards away.

Answer: You are never really alone!