3/1/10 Monday

Warm up!

Main Set: Endurance
L3: 100 Man Builders

L2: 50 Man Builders

L1: 25 Man Builders

On the surface the Man Builder can seem relatively simple and innocuous. However, make no mistake, the Man Builder, as the name implies, chisels away the boy and leaves only the man. Begin this training session with your mind on things other than training and you will fail. Begin this session prepared to do battle and you will come out the other side a better Man. You will want to quit, you will want to rest, to stop – you must not relent! You must fight. Fight through the discomfort, the pain, and the weakness. In simpler terms Man Builders are “wicked hard”, so be ready for “a bucket of suck”.

Train Hard Men!



Rayne Gray said...

L3: 32:xx w/25lb DBs

The puddle of sweat on the floor after this session was very impressive. a hard 32 min.

Filthy said...


Aimee w/15lb DB's

Dave w/26lb KB

Time: 23:46

Great, brutal workout!

Rayne Gray said...

Nice you two! Fast!