Ep.17 Fire and Jits and Dance, Oh My! With Michael Caro and Travis Swartzlander

Every now and again you meet someone that transcends your expectations. In Episode 17 we have the chance to rap with two such dudes, Michael Caro and Travis Swartzlander. These Brothers in arms are cut from the same cloth - Firefighters by day, Brazilian Jujitsu practitioners in the afternoon and competitive west coast swing dancers at night.

We took the opportunity to discuss all of the above as well as Caro's company, Canejo Valley Advanced Wellness Medical Group. A great conversation with a couple of solid Brothers. Check it out as well as the link and pages below!

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Check out today's Guests
Micheal Caro can be found at
on IG @cvadvancedwellness
on FB @conejo Valley Advanced Wellness

Travis Swatzlander can be found at
IG @that_ninja_trav
IG @ninja_wcs_int
FB @travis swartzlander
youtube - ThatNinjaTrav

You can contact Fireground Fitness...
Email Raynegray@firegroundfitness.com
IG @firegroundfitness
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