Ep 5. Growing up in the Phoenix Fire Department with Deputy Chief Chris Stewart

Deputy Chief Chris Stewart shares with us how he got his start in the PFD and how he was “raised” by the fire department. How critical lessons occurred during pivotal moments in his career and shaped the way he considers risk and size up.
  • We discussed the loss of our Brother Firefighter Bret Tarver and touched on just a couple of very important take a ways that shaped both Stewart and I during very different parts of our careers.
The impact that Bret’s death had on the PFD was profound. Please take the time to read this final report published by the PFD. There are valuable lessons that we must always remember.
  • Stewart referred to Retired Chief Don Abbott’s Mayday project – Chief Abbott has done a tremendous service to the men and women of the American fire service by helping uncover the obvious and latent issues that lead to mayday events on the fireground. Take a look at the research and find ways to shore up your operations. Many of the items that lead to maydays are totally preventable. http://projectmayday.net/

  • Early in the episode we talked of Stewart's love of mountain biking. However, I failed to come full circle and share that he is one of the co-founders of the Arizona High School Mountain bike racing league. The first of its kind in Arizona and a tremendous success. Check it out! And If you’re a local get out there and support and if you’re not - buy a t-shirt from the league and support.

Episode 4: Lessons learned from law enforcement with Sgt. Michelle Thiry (ret)

Michelle is a recently retired PD Sergeant with over 26 years of service with the city of Phoenix Police Department. In this episode she shares how she began her career as a brand new college grad, survived nearly a decade working undercover in sex crimes, lessons in leadership and so much more!

Check it out!

Episode 3: Why service matters to me, lessons learned from the Roymor Fire with Rayne

When I was a kid, just 17 years old, my friend and I ran up on a house fire. We learned some real lessons from this event and it has shaped the way I think about and value service. In episode 3 I share the story of the Roymor fire and the impact it has had on me. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

In Strength


Introducing the Fireground Fitness podcast - Episode 00

Welcome to the fireground Fitness Podcast! Please join me as we host a conversation about life lessons learned on and off the fireground. Episode 00 provide a brief insight into what we will be doing.

Follow along and feel free to offer your thoughts and ideas!

“You cannot paddle the boat alone. Find someone to share your life with. Make as many friends as possible, and never forget that your success depends on others.”

- William H. McRaven, Admiral, US Navy (retired)


What I love about the fire service is that when “it” gets serious we call on our family to get in the fight!

In every adversity we are stronger when we are unified in our efforts. So, invest time in each other, shore up the family & stand fast in the fight.