12/14/14 Sunday

Warm up!

Main Set: 2 KettleBell Clean and Press (As many reps as possible)
L3: 10 min, AMRAP
L2: 6 min, AMRAP
L1: 3 min, AMRAP

Train Hard!

12/13/14 Saturday

Warm up!

Main Set: Kettle bell Snatch
L3: 60sets
15secs work: 15 secs rest

L2: 40 sets
L1: 30 sets

Train Hard!

12/12/14 Friday

Rest Day!

12/11/14 Thursday

Warm up!

Main Set:
L3: 10k run
L2: 6k run
L1: 3k Run

12/10/14 Wednesday

Warm Up!

Main Set:
L3, L2 & L1:

5x5 Squat
5x5 Press
5x5 Dead lift

Then... 5 x 40 yard sled push

12/9/14 Tuesday

Our heart aches for our Brother and Sisters in Philly.

God speed Joyce Craig-Lewis