9/23//14 Tuesday

Warm up!

Main Set:
A) L3, L2 & L1: Dead Lift and Front Squat
Work up to your 1 rep max
@80% 3 sets of 2 reps

3 x Max reps (Pull ups, Push ups, Hollow Body hold)

3-5 hours rest then...

B) L3, L2 & L2
30 Min easy cardio of your choice
15-30 min of light mobility work

Train Hard!

9/22/14 Monday

Rest Day! (for Jeff)

Running the GC

9/18/14 Thursday

Warm up!

Main Set:
L3, L2 & L1 Heavy!
3x3 Squat
3x3 Press
3x3 Dead Lift

3x max reps (pull ups, dips, push ups)

Train Hard!

9/17/14 Wednesday

Warm up!

Main Set: Run, Ride or Row
L3: 10x (30sec hard: 1min easy)
L2: 8 x (20sec hard: 1min easy)
L1: 6 x (10sec hard: 1:30min easy)

Train Hard!

9/15/14 Monday

Warm up!

Main Set:
L3: 6 sets of Kettle Bell complex (1 min rest interval between sets)
10 Two hand swings
10 Rack Squats aka Single arm KB front squat (see photo blelow- switch sides halfway)
10 KB snatches (switch hands)
10 Goblet squats
10 Clean and press

L2: 4 sets
L1: 3 sets

"Rack Squat"