Ep.15 Your Mental Health: How to stay in the game with Dr. Kerry Ramella

Dr. Kerry Ramella has spent the better part of her adult life working with firefighters. It has been her life's work to focus on the dark side of public service - Researching the negative aspects of the job, how firefighters cope, manage and break down. Her work has brought about great insight into how we can better care for our fire family and keep ourselves mission ready as well.

In episode 15 we discussed the signs and symptoms of poor mental health, how we can build resiliency and a mind - body connection. We also talked about some of the trends throughout the fire service and how some fire departments are responding.
This conversation barely scratches the surface of what we need to know to be mentally bomb proof however, its a great start, pointing to many resources and ideas to get us started.

Check out some of the resources mentioned in this episode:

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Ep.14 The Commute to Cali with Matt Bryant

In Episode 14 I sat down with one of my BJJ training partners, Matt Bryant. Matt is a Cal Fire Engineer with about 15 years on the job. He strongly believes in leadership and training. Our conversation covered both of these topics but also included talk about staffing models, complacency, sleep deprivation and much much more.

During our conversation Matt mentioned that he and members of his battalion read and discuss many books and podcasts. He specifically named a few and I wanted to share them, so please see below:


Extreme Ownership - by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin
The way of the warrior Kid - Jocko Willink
Fearlessby Eric Blehm
The Book of Five Rings - Miyamoto Musashi

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Ep.13 Trip review and being 20ish

So summer is coming to an end and everyone is heading back to work and school. As we drove home from our summer adventure I took the opportunity to sit down with the "kids" to reflect on vacation, growing up around the fire service - how it has influenced them and what its like being 20ish. 

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Ep 12 Work Hardening and the family farm with Nate Harpster

My guest on ep12 is 14year PFD veteran and Senior Firefighter Nate Harpster. We had a great discussion about the importance of leadership, work hardening, reputation, and the work life balance that’s found on the family farm. 

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Ep.11 Career longevity, station life, marriage and so much more with Brian Vayda

In Ep. 11 I sat down with my good friend Brian Vayda while the poor fella is home convalescing from a meniscus surgery. Lucky for us a torn knee didn't affect his ability to rap! Brian shares his back story in episode 2 and in this session we picked up where we left off.
We wove our way through injury, career longevity, station life, marriage, and so much more.
Check it out!

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Ep. 10, Picking, Heavy rescues and Snakes with Greg Hawk

Greg is a veteran Heavy rescue squad officer who is in the twilight of his career the "last three years" to be precises. Together we discuss his passion for picking, heavy rescue and hazmat work and many others things. Oh and there is a snake story or two.



Ep. 9, The Five Questions

During the course of my career I have repeatedly been asked the same five questions.

5) Why did you become a firefighter?
4) What is the best part about being a firefighter?
3) How hard is it to wear firefighting equipment?
2) What do you do when you pull up on a house that is on fire?
1) What is the worst thing you have seen on the job?

In episode 9, I share my thoughts on these questions and how the answers can shape and inform what we do. Whether you are a would-be-firefighter at the beginning of your career or an old salt nearing the end, consideration of these questions will move us in the right direction!
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