FGF is on vaca - Rest Week!

5/22/15 Thursday

Warm up!

Main Set:
L3, L2 & L1:
5x5 Squat
5x5 Press
5x5 Dead Lift

A healthy crew is a happy crew!

Train Hard!

5/21/15 Wednesday

Warm up!

Main Set:
L3: 10 min dual KB long cycle (clean and press)

L2: 5 min
L1: 3 min

Train Hard! Rayne

5/20/15 Wednesday

Rest Day!

5/19/15 Tuesday

Warm up!

Main Set: Kettle Bell Snatch or Swings
switch hands each round
L3: 15 seconds on: 15 seconds rest x 60 rounds

L2: 15:15 x 40rnds
L1: 15:15 x 20rnds

Train Hard!

5/18/15 Monday

Warm up!

Main Set: For time!
L3: Run or Row 10k
L2: Run or Row 6k
L1: Run or Row 3k

Train Hard!

5/17/15 Sunday (Unloading Week)

Active Rest Day!

Run, Ride, Hike or Whatever...Just get out and move some!

Get out and train!