Episode 73 Serve, Guard & Lead with Eric Terre

When you look at a person’s resume you think it may neatly summarize what they are all about. The places they’ve been employed, the work they have managed, the institutions where they were educated, clean and simple. I find this to be true with most folks. But the main reason I enjoy doing this podcast is that it reveals more than the surface info you get from a resume. Turn on the mic, ask a few questions and people share a deeper look into what makes them tic and who they really are. The interesting stuff.

As I looked over Eric Terre’s dossier, today’s guest for episode 73, I found this truth to remain. Terre’s resume shows that he is an infantry Captain in the Army National Guard, he pipelined through ROTC graduating Arizona State University and is a Firefighter on top of all that.  

But our conversation peeled back the layers and revealed interesting truths about Eric, starting with his run as a champion Men’s Physic athlete. So, we unpacked this and so much more, enjoy!



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