Ep.70 Prep and Defend with Chris Ruano

From wildland to urban structure, firefighting takes thoughtful and engaged leadership. In episode 70 Captain Chris Ruano and I discuss the demands that exist on the fire ground and how to prepare oneself for the rigors and expectations of the job.


Chris Ruano currently serves on and leads teams in the Wildland and Municipal Fire-Service in Southern California. Having served as a Forest Service Hotshot and more recently, as a leader on Wildland and Municipal fire crews; “Roo” is especially passionate about fitness leadership and training methods. He draws his unique perspective from serving over 23 yrs in the Fire-Service. Chris is on a mission to build and equip firefighters and their leadership to be the most Capable, Functional, and Durable personnel on the fireground and beyond. 


"I am currently mentoring and coaching athletes and leaders that are interested in building teams that are more functionally relevant for the demands of an arduous lifestyle or tactical careers"




In order to share what he’s learned with other athletes and leaders, Chris created VenturAthlete.com.

Chris has developed a proven program through trial, error, experience, and adapting methods learned through various Programming and Coaching courses. 


"Leading and training our crews required developing high-level fitness programming that would create athletes that are extremely durable and well-rounded. I’ve worked hard to design and implement a year-round training program that provides the necessary balance of strength and conditioning for my entire team.”


Chris now specializes in preparing and training Fire Service Athletes for the arduous duties that their careers demand. As a current Wildland Training cadre member he is especially interested in helping out and physically preparing many of the young athletes that are striving to enter fire Department and Wildland and Fire Service careers.


What makes our year-round strength and conditioning programs unique?

Prep and Defend - Team Training

            Periodized to peak an athlete for “Fire-Season

                        Fall - Raw Strength 

                        Winter - Power Development

                        Spring - Strength Endurance

                        Summer - Bodyweight, a Kettlebell or Sandbag, and Bands 

            Use of Sandbags for functional “StrongBag” strongman work


The Prep and Defend Show - Podcast


Chris is the creator and host of the Prep and Defend Show

a podcast inspired by Tactical Athletes and their lifestyles.


Learn helpful workout, leadership, and lifestyle strategies, insights, tips and hacks for you and your team. Join guests and hosts on this deep-dive into the fitness-leadership lifestyle of the Career Tactical Athlete or arduous lifestyle.


Guests and hosts will draw from their experience on Wildland Fire Crews, Municipal Fire Departments, and the greater Tactical Athlete and Fitness community in order to better equip the Tactical Athlete Community for the challenges of an arduous, high-commitment lifestyle. 


With long-term fitness and lifestyle goals in mind, you will learn helpful workout and life strategies, insights, and tips that you and or your team can apply as you push yourselves to exceed the standard on the “Fire-Line” and beyond.”





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