Episode 67, No clowning around with David Blau

 When people mention David Blau you hear things like “that dude’s a cage fighting monster, a straight up murderer”.  So, the day I first met Blau I was a little nervous, his imposing stature and large hamhock size hands reinforce his reputation. Then he opens his mouth and delivers the most ridiculous “dad joke”, immediately putting you at ease and exposing his true identity as a caring family man and giant teddy bear. To be clear, this gentle giant, can pull your arms off and pummel you with them at will, the rep was earned, but you will have to give him a reason.


Blau is a 6 time ibjjf world champion, 4 time pan am champion, National champion and 8 time Arizona state champion. He’s been training for 21 years and is black belt under Samir Chantre and Paul Nava. Further, he’s been a Firefighter for over 23 years for Chandler Fire Department; serving as a paramedic, Technical Rescue Technician and most recently as an Engineer on the utility truck!


Blau has a creative side that lead him to create, write and produce a children’s television show - Sprinklers Clubhouse–  check it out on youtube!


Further, Blau is all about family, married 30 years with 5 kids and 2 grandchildren. On whom he practices his “Dad jokes” with mixed success.


In his spare time Blau provides training to our LE family as a ground fighting and firearms instructor.


In episode 67 we talk about all of these things and so much more, please enjoy.


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