Episode 65, The IGNITEd Firefighter with Ryan Rodriquez

I had the opportunity to be a guest on the Ignited Firefighter Podcast back in June of this year. It was an awesome conversation with host Ryan Rodriquez. We had so much to discuss that we needed to continue the conversation here in episode 65. Rodriquez and I discussed ego, team building, setting boundaries and so much more, give it a listen and I hope you enjoy!

A little about today’s guest:   

Ryan Rodriquez been fighting fire and providing paramedicine for the last 16 years. He’s completed a myriad of certifications to include bachelor’s from ASU in Fire Service Admin, Certified personal trainer, and Certified Nutrition coach. He gives back by teaching at the community college and mentoring.

When asked about the IGNITEd fire fighter podcast and related projects he said,


“I started the IGNITEd Firefighter Podcast in 2017 as a way to help my brother & sister FFs find ways to build up their resiliency and fight mental illness, by civilizing their minds and making savage their bodies. Additionally, I lead an online community of like-minded FFs and EMS professionals who are looking to level up through conscious effort in mapping out goals, setting the bar high, and connecting with others.”


Rodriquez also does some consulting work with Fire & corporate organizations who are looking to solidify their team dynamic and create environments of trust & accountability based on systems we use in the fire service.

On a personal note Rodriquez is a huge comic book nerd. He loves reading books, gym time, challenging my body & mind. He’s a husband and father and said of his passion “I’m all about being the firefighter I’d want on my crew!”




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