50 in 50, Life's Journey

There comes a time in our life where we need to make an assessment of our life’s journey. To ask ourselves a few questions and figure out what we are really doing with our time and energy. Have you been to a foreign land, sought adventure, danger and learning? Do you want to? Have you found your inspiration, peace and purpose? Are you seeking new and interesting things? To me this is an imperative in life – seeking, learning and living!

When the calendar flipped to June 17th, 2021 I suddenly reached 50 years of age and it sent me into a tail spin full of dread and panic. This realization struck me like a punch to the chest. If things go really well, I may have 25 more summers and winters of great mobility and health. Time is running out and I have a lightly used copy of life’s catalogue sitting on the table in front of me. Time to thumb through those pages, dog ear a handful, then get out the door to get some things done!

What things you may ask? Well, that was the same question I had. What had I done so far? And more importantly, what had I NOT done? I started to make a list of things I wanted to accomplish before I left this earth. I quickly realized that many of these life goals will take some time, and to be honest, I may never complete the process, but the journey is underway.

Ruling out the lifelong tasks I found there were many items that could be completed now! So, with some planning, discipline and execution, 2021 will be a year of serious accomplishment. Thus, I decided to complete 50 objectives in my 50th year – 50in50

Everyone loves a list! So, below is mine. If you choose to read it, and I hope you do, you will find items that are obvious, practical and on everyone’s lists. Other items are deeply personal and may not make sense to you; that’s cool. I share them to be honest and vulnerable. In the hope that it will inspire you to consider your life journey and develop your own list of things from life’s catalogue. GetSome!



1.            Buy new MTB (finally)

2.            Ride MTB 2times per week all year 

3.            San Francisco (June 2021)

4.            -- Golden Gate Bridge on foot

5.            -- Double Dipsea

6.            -- Meet new baby cousins

7.            -- Hot air balloon ride 

8.            Zion National park(October 2021)

9.            -- Hike Angels landing

10.          -- Hike part of the Narrows

11.          Grand Canyon - Rim to rim with Ann (May 2022)

12.          Spain (December 2021)

13.          -- Cantabria

14.          -- Sos del Rey Catolico

15.          -- Avila

16.          Weeklong backpack trip 

17.          Summit 14ner

18.          Solo 24 hours old Pueblo (Feb 2022)

19.          Read 1 book per month 

20.          Landscape our backyard

21.          Plant a tree 

22.          Kidnap my wife for a weekend getaway

23.          Tandem skydive

24.          Exploratory airplane student flight 

25.          Take a friend to lunch once a month.

26.          Learn to meditate.

27.          Practice meditation 3xweek

28.          Go to a film festival.

29.          Study Spanish 3x30 min every week

30.          Learn Spanish to conversational level

31.          Get down to 210lbs

32.          Train BJJ 3days per week all year

33.          Compete in BJJ tournament

34.          Learn how to hold a handstand

35.          Start writing book

Hike or go to…

36.          The wave 

37.          Antelope canyon

38.          Horseshoe bend

39.          Tombstone Az

40.          Coke ovens

41.          Bisbee stairs

42.          Stand on a corner in Winslow Az

43.          Summit Humphreys    

44.          Granite mountain hotshots memorial

45.          Learn to shoot a bow

46.          Practice bow once per week

47.          Memorize 4 poems

48.          Retrain body to run with foot drop

49.          10k trail run

50.          Conduct a private memorial for my Dad and Grandfather - sprinkle their ashes on the highest peak I reach this year. 


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