Ep 60 Serving with Aloha w/ Aubrey Loveman


We each face obstacles in our life’s journey. Many of these challenges are within our control, such as gathering more certifications, advanced education, eating healthy and training hard. These choices can impact the trajectory of our lives and allow us to overcome roadblocks. Some obstacles, however, are not from a lack of fitness, education or skill, rather they are manifest in the judgement of others as they regard the color of one’s skin or gender. These obstacles are the product of bias and bigotry, they have no place in our community but none-the-less exist.

Aubrey Loveman’s journey is one of aloha. Despite being told “they won’t hire you here” and facing open resistance to her presence, she found mentors, support and strength. As you listen to episode 60 I ask you to pay close attention and with a soft heart and open mind really hear the story that Loveman shares with us. Her story is not uncommon among black folks and women and we need to really listen, honestly reflect and apply the lessons to our own lives.

Loveman’s desire to serve has transcended the barricades and she is magnifying her service as a firefighter on the island of Oahu where she mentors, leads and serves with much Aloha. We talk about all of this and so much more, enjoy this episode and Mahalo for listening!




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