Episode 58, Sovereignty, with Ryan Michler

Taking control and ownership of your life is a critical step in one’s journey. It starts by being honest with yourself, taking stock of your purpose, developing a plan then executing. It’s uncomfortable and challenging, but if you want to live your best life you have to dig in and do the work. Ryan Michler, a successful business leader and founder of Order of Man, has set a tremendous example of how to do this and he illustrates it nicely in his book, Sovereignty, the battle for the hearts and minds of men.

In his book, Michler leads with defining and expressing the need for men to live sovereign lives. He follows with a reflective analysis of what it takes to get there, providing a code of conduct and a battle plan. While Michler’s target audience is men, I would suggest that anyone who is looking to get their life in order would do well to listen to episode 58 and read Sovereignty.

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