Ep.41 -xpost- Make the Difference Podcast w/ Brandan Millan, Bryan Parks & Rayne Gray

 My mama told me to study my lessons while in school and I argued endlessly. It was not until I had "grown up", a term I am using very liberally, that I began to understand the value of her admonitions.  She knew something I had yet to comprehend, that education stretched one’s mind and increased an individual’s capacity for growth.  I am eternally grateful to the many folks who encouraged me to go to school. The nudges and encouraging words have added a tremendous value to my life.

In episode 41 I have shared a podcast that was originally released on the “Make the Difference podcast”. Recorded nine or more months ago, Retired Deputy Chief Bryan Parks, Captain Brandan Millan and Myself discuss leadership, learning and the value of higher education. If you have ever thought “I should consider going back to school” I would tell you “yes, that’s what you should do!” No further question. Don’t just take my word for it, listen to our conversation and maybe it will add some additional value to the proposition.

Getting further education is not without challenges and difficulty. There is a time and a season for each of us. My hope is that you are fully engaged in your life and thinking through the decisions and consequences. Give the episode a listen, enjoy, then go on out there and GetSome.




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