Episode 36, From the Ballpark to the Fireground with Richie Robnett

We often hear people talk about how valuable it is for youth to play sports. The work ethic, teamwork and self-discipline that is developed on and off the field is integral to success as an athlete. Likewise, these traits translate into adulthood and contribute tremendously to one’s success in the workplace.
In episode 36 we have direct evidence of this statement as Richie Robnett, a Pro Ball player turn Firefighter, helps unpack this idea. Robnett grew up playing a variety of sports but found his passion in the Ballpark. Drafted into the majors he spent several years playing pro ball before a tumor and a career awakening made clear that it was time to move on. Robnett, looking for ways to challenge himself and continue to grow, transitioned from the clubhouse to the firehouse. We are lucky to have him serving in our community and as a guest on the FGF podcast. Please enjoy!

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