Ep.18 "Diesel and dirt" the smell of the fire house..." W/ Capt. Chris Pearce

When I sat down with Chris Pearce I really wanted to talk about his father's Line of Duty Death and how that impacted him. And we did, but we went for an hour before we got there! Chris and I spent several years working together at fire Station 12 which may explain why he and I can't get to the main point with out our conversation meandering a bit!
In Episode 18 Chris and I rapped about Special Operations on Camelback mountain, leadership, training, trust and we wrapped our conversation with a very honest and candid conversation about the Line of Duty Death of Ricky Pearce. Chris' dad died when he was just 6 years old and this has shaped him as a man, father and Firefighter. Chris is such a solid and well rounded Fire Captain and he has a perspective that is well worth hearing.
Enjoy the podcast!

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