Ep.15 Your Mental Health: How to stay in the game with Dr. Kerry Ramella

Dr. Kerry Ramella has spent the better part of her adult life working with firefighters. It has been her life's work to focus on the dark side of public service - Researching the negative aspects of the job, how firefighters cope, manage and break down. Her work has brought about great insight into how we can better care for our fire family and keep ourselves mission ready as well.

In episode 15 we discussed the signs and symptoms of poor mental health, how we can build resiliency and a mind - body connection. We also talked about some of the trends throughout the fire service and how some fire departments are responding.
This conversation barely scratches the surface of what we need to know to be mentally bomb proof however, its a great start, pointing to many resources and ideas to get us started.

Check out some of the resources mentioned in this episode:

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