7/5/10 Monday

Warm up!

Main Set:
L3: 100 Dead Lifts*

L2: 50 Dead Lifts*

L1: 25 Dead Lifts*

* Moderate loading

Train Hard!


Rayne Gray said...

L3: 80lb sand bag - failed to run a clock but it felt fairly quick.

Filthy said...

3 mile run and then...


Aimee @135lbs

Dave @275lbs...definetely was not quick. I think I misunderstood "moderate loading".

Rayne Gray said...

Well, I would have liked to have gone heavier, but "275"!

Dang Dave, 275, that is definatly not "moderate". That being said it's probably a little under 50% of your max so...maybe it is moderate, for you!

Nice work to both you and Amy.