6/8/10 Tuesday

Warm Up!

Main Set: Metcon
L3: Tabata (one full protocal per excercise)
- Push ups
- Squats
- Situps

L2: Tabata (one full protocal per excercise)
- Push ups
- Squats

L1: Split Tabata*
- Push ups
- Squats

* Switch excercises on each work cycle. For example, 1st 20 secs you do push ups then rest for 10 secs, then in the next 20 sec work interval you do squats and keep up this rotation until you have done one complete Tabata (8 work cycles)

Train Hard!


Unknown said...

Yikes..this took care of me!
Love the Met-Con's!

Rayne Gray said...

L3: Yeah, me too