4/5/10 Monday (Unloading Week)

Warm up!

Main Set:
150 Hindu Push Ups and Squats*

100 Hindu Push Ups and Squats*

50 Hindu Push Ups and Squats*

Then ...All levels: 3 rnds of
10 hanging knee to elbows
1 min Forward bridge
1 min back bridge or glute ham bridge

*Take your time, relax, breath deep and enjoy the flow of the movements - don't speed through this session.

The Gray Family circus is almost ready for the big top.

Train Hard! Maybe you can join the circus with us!

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Rayne Gray said...

In the spirit of a recovery week I went to a local college track did L2 and threw in a few barefoot running drills, plyometrics and some Yoga-ish stretches.