3/6/10 Saturday

Warm up!

Main Set: Metcon
L3:  5 rnds
-400 yard run
-40 yard Over Head Lunge

L2: 3 rnds
-400 yard run
-40 yard OH Lunge

L1: 2 rnds
-400 yard run
-20 yard OH Lunge

* Over Head Lunges: It is as simple as it sounds. Lunge the prescribed distance while holding a barbell, a weight plate, two kettle bells, two dumbells or as seen below a slosh pipe, locked out over head.

Train Hard!


Filthy said...

Wow...this one sneaked up on us! It didn't look to bad on paper...boy were we wrong.


Aimee: OH lunges w/45lb barbell
Time: 21:17

Dave: OH lunges w/barbell...85lbs total Time: 22:20

Anonymous said...

Nice work D-lo, I used a 45lbs plate and it was very hard.