3/15/10 Monday

Warm Up!

Main Set: Strength

L3, L2 and L1:
5x5 Press
5x5 Back Squat
5x5 Dead Lift

*Lift Heavy! Strength is the foundation on which the rest of your athleticism builds. If you cheat yourself on strength days you weaken your foundation and your entire capacity for work suffers. Many people need you to be strong – you need to be strong. Do not do what is easiest and hold back, instead do the hard thing, stare it in the face and rise to the occasion, push yourself – you will only move forward when you sacrifice your comfort and do hard things.

Train Hard!


Unknown said...

Warm Up!

Main Set: Strength

L3, L2 and L1:
5x5 Press 75-95-115-120-125 (caught myself with a small dip/drive on the last 2 reps)
5x5 Back Squat 95-145-165-185-205
5x5 Dead Lift 135-205-255-285-305

Rayne Gray said...

Hey Chuck, I catch myself doing the dip drive too. The fact that you're catching yourself is great, it means you can self correct. Nice!

As for me...
Press, 5 sets @ 135
BS 5 sets @ 245
DL 5 sets @ 315

The Deads felt exceptionally heavy.

Filthy said...

BS @ 165
Press @ 65
DL @ 195

BS @ 315
Press @ 155
DL @ 385

I felt great during this workout which was really strange because I didn't start until around midnight and I had blown down a bowl of ice cream a few hours prior with no intentions of working out...until Aimee guilted me into it. The moral of the story...I found a new pre-workout supplement! :)