3/13/10 Saturday (unloading week)

Active Rest Day!

Go for a long hike or bike ride, put your fitness to work doing something fun and enjoyable.

For those of you still socked in by the snow - strap on those snow shoes, cross country or down hill skis and make the most of it. Maybe even build a giant snowman, that would be cool! (send pics :-)

Play Hard!


LeRand said...

Hey, Rayne. I wouldn't expect you to remember me, but my name's LeRand and you were one of my youth leaders in the Alma First ward a long time ago. I stumbled on your blog by accident and can't believe you're still in such awesome shape! I'm married with a couple of kids and living in Key West now. I'm no fireman, but I'll have to start using your blog to get in shape, I could use it :) Hope you guys are doing well. My wife keeps a periodic blog on our family at http://losdixon.blogspot.com/ There's a recent family picture in the second post down if you need something to jog your memory. It's fun reading about the awesome stuff you're doing! Take care.

Anonymous said...

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