FS39 house of pain!

Su Madre!
Warm up
5min easy cardio
med ball tosses

3 round of 5-10 reps
Hindu push ups
Spilt squats

Main set
Complete all reps of each exercise before moving on to the next. Get’er done a quickly as good form will allow.

50 pull ups
75 push ups
100 sit ups
150 air squats

Feeling froggy?!

100 pull ups
150 push ups
200 sit ups
300 air squats


Anonymous said...

Hi Rayne, I just wanted to apologize for a snide comment that I made the other day on the comments. I have to say that I was a little upset regarding the use of Coach Glassman's words that were, at the time, uncited. However, that doesn't excuse my remark regarding the creativity of your workouts. Instead of putting your workouts down I should have complimented you for implementing your own style and at least for your enthusiasm to create a web page. My name is Joel Stevenson and I look forward to working out with you someday.

Rayne Gray said...

Hey Joel,

I appreciate your apology; it is certainly not my premise to steal anyone’s work. So I am grateful that you were watch dogg’n and keeping me from toeing that grey line. FWIW I had directly quoted Coach Glassman in the original post as well provided a link to his web site and the original source of his remarks. I went back and tried to make the citation more clear in order to avoid any perception of impropriety. I hope this helped.

I would love to join you for a workout! (Friday at 13s in the morning? Kow…ski  & Scott are setting up a work out) I am always open to criticism (preferably constructive) and would love input on workouts and training ideas. So please, keep the thoughts flowing and let’s create something that will benefit all of our Phx brothers and sisters and any others who should read these pages.

Go Hard!


Paul said...

I did the workout in the evening after running intervals with my church running group. My hypoxic brain could not recall the proper reps so this is what I did...
75 (jumping) pullups
100 pushups
100 situps
100 squats

It hurt.

Rayne Gray said...

Hey Paul,

Nice job, while you were training, I was chasing around kids at a trunk-o-treat.

You wanna run thuresday morning before shift?