10/27/07 Tabata Fire Trial

Paul, cranking out weighted pike pole sims

Warm Up
10 min easy cardio
20 over head squats
20 Hindu pushups
20 sit ups

Main Set
The traditional “Tabata” interval is 20secs work with 10secs rest for 8 rounds, a total of 4 min. Today we are going to go a touch longer. Only two more minutes? How hard could that be?

2 rounds of Tabata intervals (20secs work w/10secs rest between events)

· Hose pull tire drag
· Tire pull x 2 lengths
· Sledge Hammer forcible entry
· Pike pole simulation
· Roof vent simulation w/axe
· Tire flip

If you do not have this equipment available:

Complete a more Traditional Tabata Trial

2 rounds of Tabata intervals (20secs work w/ 10secs rest for 8 events) no rest between rounds

Pull ups
Sit ups
Place your thoughts, ideas and words of wit in the comments area.


Rayne Gray said...

Pual, Cade and I completed the "trial by fire" and it was a little light :-) so we added the "traditional Tabata" and that put me over the top. I can't speak for the others but I was sufficiently blasted.


Paul said...

It took a long time to recover my heart rate. Rayne, thanks for the rings.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to know.