Episode 75 Storm Stick with Jason Miller

As a young marine we used to chant a cadence, “born in the woods and raised by a bear, double set of dog teeth, triple coat of hair”. While nothing about this typifies our guest, Jason Miller, it rang through my head as he told me of his upbringing in the fire service.  He knew from a young age what he wanted and right out of high school he “got in” and by his own account was “raised by the fire department”. Or rather by “bears” for sure! 

Miller landed in the PFD and has built a wonderful career, serving on the line as a firefighter and company officer for 27 years. Recently, he took the step to become a command officer, and a credit to his KSAs, he landed at the top of the heap. While soon-to-be-Chief Miller looks out for his folks in the fire house with great care his vision extends further. His development of the storm stick, a clever gross decon tool to aid in the battle against exposure to carcinogens, Miller demonstrates his stewardship for the fire service at large. In episode 75 we discuss all of this and so much more. Please enjoy!

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