Fog Nozzle Friday #1 with Rayne Gray and Aaron Quinn

 First ever "ask me (us) anything"

Aaron and I sat down yesterday and rapped about the below questions, hopefully shedding some light on the subjects. We had a blast and will do this again. If you have any questions or comments holler at me and I will be sure to reply. 

SeanGrinnell@enter_the_cricket asked:

1) I work for a smaller department and I am considering testing for a major department in my area. What are the pros and cons of going from a smaller to a larger agency?

2)What differences do you notice in the older generation of firefighters to the newer generation and how can the young firefighters use their skills and resources (social media, tech, etc.) to improve the fire service? 

Joe@traderjoe asked:

3) Getting in as a small guy? Beyond bulking and fitness, what about the mentality of it? 

Zeke Gray asked:

4) What does it mean to be fireground fit? 


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